About ConnSantéThe world's leading service provider of cancer prevention medicine & cancer risk prediction

Through the products and services provided by Connsanté Biotech, everyone can fully understand her/his internal body environment on tumor related status, s.t. the diagnosis participant is able to manage & improve their health directionally, to serve the purpose of being away from fatal cancer!

The world currently cancer detection technology is focused on cancer cells, but when cancer cells are detected, cancer has almost prevailed in the body. ConnSanté Biotech uses patented technology to conduct the diagnosis of internal body environment and tumor micro environment, provide a risk assessment of fatal cancer for the diagnosis participant. ConnSanté Biotech also monitor cancer recurrence and metastasis in cancer prognosis subjects. The growth processes and environmental components of cancer cells are complicate, and the mono-nuclear cell in the blood (B cells, T cells, macrophages, NK cells, hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts, growth factors, cytokines, and non-cytokines… etc), these cytokines and non-cytokines are circulating throughout the body, and the environmental conditions in the body are closely related to the capability of tumor cells growing or spreading, so we can get important information for the cancer-prevention index through blood tests, and manage health directionally by the diagnosis information.

    ■ Our mission is to become the best choice for people to do health management with the purpose of keeping away from cancer by 2021.
    ■ We will become the first choice to help medical caregivers and cancer patients who seek to prevent cancer recurrence surveillance by 2021.
    ■ We will become the best tool for drug manufacturers to screen patients in cancer related clinical trials by 2022.